Technology Engineer

Full Time

Job Description

1. Identify, diagnose and resolve manufacturing process related Issues
2. Coordinate and execute process, equipment and material evaluation / optimization initiatives and implement changes at process step
3. Lead and participate in continuous yield improvement and cost reduction activities
4. Process setup to meet Critical to Quality Requirements, Cpk, Yield, and Quality targets
5. Problem solving and work on the Root Cause Analysis/Finding using 5M + 1E, 5 whys, DMAIC, 8D approach/methodology
6. Process FMEA and Risk Assessment on process window optimization (DOE)
7. Establish and update process documentation as needed: SOP, WI, FMEA, OCAP and Control Plan for related process.
8. Report any non-conformance/customer complaint issue and develop/follow up the improvement actions.
9. Performs other duties as required by immediate superior from time to time.

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