Management Trainee Program (Digital Business)

XOX Com Sdn Bhd
Management Trainee

Job Description

1. Learn and apply digital knowledge and skills.  Be part of a team to create, innovate, design, develop and implement digital products and solutions.  Learn to become a Technoprenuer and apply data, analytics in the context of real business environment.
2. Learn new technologies such as AI, BlockChain and design, create and develop software programs.

(for technical applicants)
1. Integrate systems and software.
2. Analysis and modification or codes.
3. Debugging and maintaining system operations.
4. System documentation.
5. Project Management.

1. CGPA 3.5 and above
2. Degree in Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Technology, Digital Marketing, Digital Communications, Business Analytics, Business Analytics, and Management Accounting, Computer Science, Web Design and Database Systems, and Project Management.
3. Active involvement in extra curricular activites in school and or university.
4. Excellent spoken and written English, proficient in 2nd language.
5. Less than 1 year working experience.

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