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Application ends: December 31, 2026
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Job Description

Summary of Job Functions:

  • Take ownership of all UIUX-based projects / tasks assigned; ensure the highest level of
    optimisation, usefulness, desirability and user / client satisfaction in the journeys, touchpoints &
    functionalities of the websites, apps and digital solutions that we deliver.
  • Assume role as UX lead and project consultant: conduct UX discovery workshops, create workable
    personas, map user journeys, scenarios & experiences, design & conduct usability tests, analyse &
    report test results, etc.
  • Advise, guide and/or supervise team members (i.e. writers, designers & other UX practitioners) in
    their UIUX deliverables while managing own projects seamlessly.


  • Planning & Strategizing
    o Collaborate with clients and/or team members to refine project requirements, prioritise
    tasks, pinpoint key UX journeys, identify appropriate UX research & testing methods,
    develop design concepts, etc. to deliver innovative, workable and compelling solutions
    o Develop UX strategies and solutions that best capture project requirements while being
    human centred, forward-thinking, and in-line with current digital / media trends
    o Develop UX decks; propose / pitch UX solutions to clients
  • UX Discovery
    o Conduct UX discovery workshops with stakeholders, business owners, etc.
    o Convert workshop findings into actionable results; define project next steps pertaining to UX
    research approach, content & design direction, etc.
  • UI/UX Design
    o Design (or assist in the design of) wireframes, mock ups, prototypes, etc. based on the
    results of workshops, usability testing and/or user / client feedback
  • Usability Testing
    o Design, manage and/or execute usability studies, surveys and other user research
    o Convert usability test findings into actionable results; determine ways to track and measure
    the effectiveness of newly implemented UX solutions
  • UX Testing & Review
    o Review and/or conduct user testing and other user-facing activities to validate content,
    design, touchpoints, and more.
    o Synthesize findings to provide recommendations, inform a better understanding of
    customers, give insights into business value, and identify potential usability issues & design
    opportunities, etc.
  • Other
    o Mentor team members that are less experienced, as and when required

Job Description:

  • Evolve own skills; stay up-to-date with UI/UX, CX, tech and digital advertising trends and
    best practices.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of internal UX research policies, processes
    and standards
  • Assist in designing metrics to measure and track the impact of UI/UX improvements


Qualification & Experience Requirements:

  • At least a Diploma/ Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Good to have related working experiences/ experience in a digital agency or tech-based environment. – for experience applicants
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. – for fresh graduates’ applicants
  • Experience in conducting UX discovery workshops (internal and external)
  • Experience in conducting UX research and usability tests using a variety of methods (online and onground surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, corridor testing, prototype testing, etc.)
  • Background in multimedia design, graphic design, or copywriting is preferred (proven experience
    and portfolio required)

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