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Want to be part of a start-up, but have always been turned down because of lack in experience? Come and join us, a growing startup in the space of investment! Experience, explore and expand your skills with excitement, joy and fun. Be the elite among your peers! Let's cheers and wow together!

About Company

Wewow Capital Sdn Bhd is a financial/investment education start-up provider that look to nurture investors interested to start investing and also investors already in the market to get their foundation right!

Our vision is Think Invest, Think V Invest

With the vision, we have the following missions:
1) To be a platform with all sorts of investments knowledge and tools
2) To allow investor to really be profitable in investing in stocks or any other instruments
3) To revolutionize the financial/investment education and information space and be the benchmark

In Wewow Capital Sdn Bhd, you wont be working in a boring cubical space. You will be working in a flexible and chillax working environment just like Google, as you may find our office not really like an office and enjoy being in our office. Of course, life will still be busy and challenging as we are growing fast. There will be &#; times ; and there will be &#;. When we are hustling for projects, we might need you to shoot and edit continuously for days without much rest, however when we are off projects, there will be days you will be enjoying easy life too.

As we are fast growing, we prioritise your growth; hence, your personal development and professional skill set improvement is our utmost priority. We do our best to help every team member to grow in their area of expertise AND of course you get to become more financially and investment savvy (You are exposed to all the proper investment and stock market skills basically free while there are people paying huge bucks for it.)

In conclusion, you will find more freedom, flexibility and fun in working here with us, in return we look upon productivity and performance from everybody in the company, so that we can achieve extraordinary results together doing extraordinary things together!

Look forward for you to be part of the team!