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We are a global leadership development platform for individuals between 18 to 40 years old. We are an association that promotes personal development through learning and doing. JCI champions 4 important development opportunities for all our members and they are. Find out more at:  

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4 Important Development Opportunities in JCI are:-

  1. Individual Development – where members are encouraged to attend training, workshops and learning events that can help them to be smarter, competent and well-trained for a role or duty.
  2. Community Development – where members are encouraged to keep a look out for opportunities to help a person or a community to do better; where we can lend a helping hand; and to be sensitive to the needs of our own local communities.
  3. International Development – where members are encouraged to get to know members from a different chapter, a different city or state; and to make connections with other members outside our own organization. This way, we are able to grow our network while learning leadership from others of a different culture, language, beliefs and so forth.
  4. Business Development – where members are encouraged to build, support or to be part of our own local business ecosystem. There are various activities and events in JCI that are geared towards shaping a strong, responsible and well-groomed entrepreneurs. Most of the JCI members are their own entrepreneurs.

JCI upholds the concept of &#; where all officers will contribute their time, effort and resources to serve the organization for 1 calendar year.

The history of JCI started way back in 1915.

Junior Chamber International ;JCI&#;National Organizations or Chapters&#. It started with a mission to encourage young people to become active citizens by participating in activities or events that promotes social and economic development while to also foster international cooperation, good-will and understanding.

The oldest chapter in JCI Malaysia is JCI Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in when the &#; was signed between Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. To date, we have approximately ;chapters”) spread throughout Malaysia. We have more than 2,500 active JCI members who volunteer their time and resources to serve our LO and National Organization (JCI Malaysia).

We are looking for members active, passionate and enthusiastic members to be part of this organization. There is no criteria or qualification to join this association. You must, however, be between age 18 to 40 years old and willing to pay for membership fees (which is affordable).

In case you would like to speak to one of our officer, you may contact CYNTHIA CHIAM at . She is our National Growth & Development Commission Chairman for Year 2022.



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