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In line with the Group's strategy and vision in rethinking possibilities, NetX focuses on improving its existing innovative technologies in order to gain competitive edge and turn itself into one of the market leaders.

About Company

NetX Holdings Berhad is a public listed technology company on Bursa&#, NetX started off dealing primarily with the supply of network equipment and infrastructure. Growing from strength to strength, today, the Company pioneers the advancement of disruptive technologies through its subsidiaries in various industries, namely digital platforms, e-payment solutions, e-commerce and IT infrastructure, among others.

The Group focuses on three key business pillars via its subsidiaries namely:-

; Provision of payment software licensing, mobile payment solutions and payment terminals as well as engage in money changer services and money lending businesses.

; Provision of turnkey solutions on network infrastructure, security management, system design, system integration and system installation, maintenance and support services including the supply of related software and hardware and digital trading of precious commodities asset.

; A lifestyle technology company specialising in digital application creations that aim at disrupting the Food and Beverage, entertainment and events scenes by offering greater access and value to both customer and businesses.

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