Aspiro is a dynamic, global business services provider that is dedicated towards supporting our customers by building strategic capabilities and delivering service excellence through a digitalised environment. We also strive to provide a promising career that enables our employees to chart their growth to greater heights.

About Company

Established on , we have grown by leaps and bounds over the past three years. We are currently serving 157 sites across Malaysia, Indonesia, China, & Australia and servicing customers mainly from the Pulp & Paper, Forestry, and International Shipping industries. We provide multi-lingual support to businesses including Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, English, and Bahasa Indonesia to serve all our business users.

In 2019, we are awarded the “Best New Global Business Services of the Year” during the PIKOM 9th Global Business Services (GBS) Asia Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared services center is a centralized service that is separated from main business unit but supply them with essential operations. In this case, Aspiro is the shared services of APP, Asia Pulp and Paper. We provide essential finance and accounting, IT and HR services support to APP.

We are working from home all the while during MCO. As of RMCO begins, we have 50% of our staff returned to the office on a team A/team B basis for so long RMCO is in effect. Strict social distancing SOP is observed in the office as well.

Open & transparent. Aspiro Linkedin has an article on Linked which capture it in words perfectly. Our intern said we’re serious at work but also work with a sincere & relaxed atmosphere.

We organize new joiner orientation occasionally to provide our new members with comprehensive information to make him/her more comfortable and adapt to the environment. The team lead and team members will also assist you in familiarizing the work process.

The culture and opportunities. We are a steadily growing company who practices open culture. For exposure as well because working for a renown and established company is different from working for a company which is on its way to be renown and established.

You can connect with us either through LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram or email us at careerforyou@aspiro.co.